In the beginning...

I have been having it on my mind for a while now to start a marriage blog. I knew what that might mean...getting downright personal and blunt. Let me start by saying that I am a Christian and follow biblical principles. So that may turn some of you...ok...many of you away. And I have accepted that. But for those of you that stick around...I hope I help you. Marriages today are looked at as a joke. Our generation and the one following does not know what it means to work at a marriage...stick to it until "death do you part". Yes...that is a part of the vows. I mean...we have Kim Kardashian as a role model. Something is seriously wrong with our society.

So what do I hope to accomplish with this blog? To speak to you and tell you that there is hope. Marriages are not miserable or all fighting and struggles. You can be happy and have fun together.What do I have to back that up? After 8 years of dating and 6 years married, we are each other's best friends. We have our issues and it is far from perfect, but we work through it because of one person...Jesus Christ. He is our counselor and savior. And with him, we have achieved so much.

I will talk about everything from personal experiences like our wedding, stupid fights, being a housewife, managing time, dating each other (so crucial!!) and even sex. But don't worry...I won't get too personal with that one. Some things have to stay between us. And even if you aren't married and you are in a relationship, I am targeting you too. Bottom line, I wan to help through my own experiences, biblical principles, and laughter that love and marriage do go together. Like peas and carrots. Ok...that may have been a little lame :)



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