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Date Nights Do Exist...They Just Change A Little

Kids definitely change things, am I right? Almost five months in this new chapter and I am well on my way to learning how they change your life. One of the biggest adjustments for me was that this tiny little person was relying on me 24/7. I was used to taking care of my husband sure, but a little human being? I will admit... it scared me.  I prayed for wisdom and strength. I have to admit I struggled at first getting used to the idea this little person needed me. I prayed to embrace this new adventure. I mentioned in my last post that the newborn stage was the hardest. I'm not kidding. Late night feedings, crying, loss of sleep, getting used to a third person, crying, pooping... Yeah, definitely not for the faint of heart.

Want to know something? I couldn't see our life without her. She has brought a joy to our lives we didn't know was missing. Because we were happy. But our happiness with this little person has been amplified. It really is a miracle.

So yes, babies do ch…

The hardest battle I have ever been through...part 2

Hi dear readers still out there! I am still here. In fact, I have plans for this blog. Big plans to expand it beyond just a marriage blog. I respect reviews, don't you? I like to get other opinions on items, movies, books, t.v. shows, etc. I already review marriage books on this blog, so now I am going to review all kinds of things!

I also plan to do a 30 day devotional on here! I am really excited about it! I plan to start in January.

I hope you plan to join me on this 30 day challenge!
So, that's what I have planned for the very near future but now it's time to continue with what's been going on with us..

The months following the miscarriage were hard, but it provided me time to heal and it really brought K and I closer than ever. Besides God, if it wouldn't have been for him, I would have been lost. He was my rock. It really taught us what it means to pull together...a lesson we would definitely need in the future. We always have made a great team, but this brou…