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A Good Clean Romance: A Soldier's Promise by Laura Scott

It's getting kind of ridiculous how many books I am reading right now. Not that I am complaining, it's just I have to be realistic to how many I can really read at one time. I read one fiction book, one marriage book, one non-fiction Christian book, and a regular non fiction. There are so many choices and such little time that I read one chapter of each. And now I also read on the treadmill since there is the nifty Kindle app that connects with my kindle so I can read on my phone while I am walking. Ah, technology these days.
While walking on the treadmill I discovered this free ebook:

I don't normally read books out of sequence...but I didn't realize that this is a part of a series until halfway through it. Even though this was book two, I didn't feel like I was missing anything from the first. 
I am continuing my quest to find good, clean romances and this one definitely met my criteria. This book finds ER nurse Julie taking care of a former soldier and his daug…

5 Habits We Avoid in Our Marriage

K and I's 8th wedding anniversary is Friday. We have had 8 wonderful years. He is my best friend; God has truly blessed me with an amazing man. Usually for our anniversary we will go out of town, but this time we are indulging in being nerds and going see a movie we are highly excited about: Batman Vs. Superman. We are complete super hero nerds...We watch The Flash, Agents of Shield, Arrow. We love the Marvel movies. I love that we share this obsession. Personally, I am rooting for Superman, but we'll see!

I have posted before about what makes our marriage great and what works for us. I started thinking about some things we don't do that also keeps our marriage strong. So I thought for this post I will talk about what we don't do: 5 things we avoid to keep our marriage strong:

I will never post anything on social media degrading or negative about K. He trusts me with his reputation and trust in our marriage is so important. I don't want anyone thinking badly of him …

Completely Eye Opening

It's been a long time since a book actually made me feel convicted and made me question how I handle things.  Not that this is a bad thing...or a bad book; on the was a great book. I absolutely loved it. But it was convicting for me.

I finished it the other night. I have grown to love my mission to find good marriage books to share with you guys. For one, it gets me reading marriage books and I pick up lots of interesting tips. 
This book was no different. The one thing that was so refreshing about this one was unlike most of the marriage books I have read so far, it was not a step by step on what you should do and not do. The author takes you with her on her journey of this experiment to discover what exactly it means to be a submissive wife. When she doesn't understand something or struggles with her role as a helper, she expresses it to the reader. I loved this writing style. It made it so much more personal.
As I was reading this book, I started making a list…