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Lucky 7

Hi readers!!  Today is a very special this calls for a very special post. I am taking a break today from the couples bible study and reviews and all that good stuff.  (Plus I need to start reading a new book to review ha ha).
Today is K and I's 7 year anniversary! I am big smiles today. I can't believe 7 years ago we were in Pigeon Forge, TN and getting married. We live in South Louisiana, but after doing a lot of research and we learned how much a big wedding would cost, we packed up our stuff and drove 12 hours to Pigeon Forge. We saved so much money and had the best wedding and honeymoon ever! We brought our immediate family with us along with a couple we were very close to (we had stood in their wedding.)  So for this post I thought I would have fun with a few lists of 7s...I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed this post! It brought back some great memories!

7 Pictures from Our Wedding:
Our chapel :)

After we were married...we were so happy 

We love to tak…

Couples of the Bible 2-Zacharias and Elizabeth

Good morning everyone! Sorry for the little has been busy. A little insight into our I have mentioned I work at a program for young children and was working with 2 year olds. I have very recently changed to 3 year olds. I miss my old class, but I love the 3 year old age. They are very energetic, but so eager to learn. K is also facing change at work and in our off time we have been getting ready for new bedroom furniture, which I am very excited about.

Last Monday I spent time studying a new couple after K and I did a bible study in Luke. Luke is a gospel I have never studied before. It's very interesting because he was a doctor and is the only writer to record John the Baptist's birth. Which brings me to our couple for today: Zacharias and Elizabeth, parents of John the Baptist. I studied Luke 1:1-25.

Zacharias was a Jewish priest and his wife Elizabeth was from a family of a priestly line. After doing a little research, I learned because Zacharias wa…