Not another New Year's Resolution post...

It's the first week of January and tons of articles, blogs, and tips are being released on organization, goal setting, losing weight, etc. I have to admit...I am a goal setter. For the past several years, I have spent time before Jan 1st to write down goals I want to achieve for the year. I am an annoyingly organized person, but I love the feeling of accomplishment. So what does this have to do with marriage or how does it help? Well, I know that K thrives on organization and structure as much as I do. Keeping our home life organized and structured helps our relationship succeed. I know how much K appreciates a clean house, cooked meals, etc so I strive to meet that. I make to do lists and work really hard to cross everything off. So that brings me back to goal setting. I set goals for myself so I can become an even better wife and person.  Being able to not only set the goals for yourself but actually achieve them, makes you feel like you have purpose and it makes you feel good. The trick is to set realistic goals...ones that you see yourself doing. Because of this blog, I decided to make a few marriage goals as well as personal goals this year. So I wanted to share my marriage goals with you...

Our Marriage Goals:
1) One night a week with no electronics
2) Date night once a week (I read an article that said not to make this a should be a habit anyway, but I disagree. Because of busyness and schedules...Sometimes you have to consciously have this on your to do list. Schedule date night! Do everything you can to have time just the two of you)
3) Bible study once a week (again...for us it has to be on the to do list. It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, that this gets overlooked)
4) Budget efficiency (We are still using Dave Ramsey's methods but both of us want to be more effective with doing the budget together and making it work)
5) Take a vacation together (We try every year to take a vacation and get away but last year it didn't happen. So this year is a must)

Now for my personal goals for 2015...

1) Read 22 books (and do 2015 Reading Challenge) ( I read 20 books last year so I increased my goal by 2 and added the 2015 challenge)
2) To lose my last 15 pounds (I have lost a total of 40 and kept it off for 2 years...I feel amazing)
3) Cook healthy and try a new recipe once a month (I like the idea of learning at least 12 new recipes)
4) To keep up core exercises and strengthen my core
5) To buy a bike or be diligent with going to the gym (so undecided if I am going to give up my gym membership)
6) Really dive into and  do personal bible studies (I am actually thinking of doing couples of the bible and posting it here)
7) Create/craft something new (I am a scrapbook and cardmaker. I want to learn something new)
8) To scrapbook and make cards once a week 
9) To organize bills and loose papers lying around (such a boring, tedious task)
10) Organize garage/donate what we don't need
11) Get more involved in church
12) Find something new to volunteer for (I have made cards for soldiers who are overseas for several years now. I want to find another organization to give to)

So that's my goals for this year! What about you? Do you set goals for the year? What are some of yours?


  1. once again you've posted an inspiring, interesting blog. You have always been so organized and goal oriented..I admire you so much! Congrats again on the weight lose.keep it up ! You are able to accomplish so much..a lot is due to being so organized and motivated ! Keep up the good work..I know you will O:-)


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