Date nights...

Do you remember your first date with your significant other? Let's jump into a time machine and go back to Feb. 3, 2000. Well, before we get there we have to make a few stops. K and I were in our senior year of high school. He went to public school...I was in private. We met at our local grocery store and he bagged the groceries; I was the cashier. My first day on my first job...I was super nervous and didn't know anyone. This cute guy walks up to my register, starts bagging my groceries and introduces himself. I remember thinking...he's really cute. Of course, at the time I had a boyfriend. Who lived 6 hours away at college. I later found out from a fellow employee that K thought I had a beautiful smile. But...being the faithful girlfriend that I was (unlike the boyfriend I later learned) I became good friends with K. The kind of friend that would laugh and joke together and vent a little about the way the boyfriend treated me. All the while...K and I kept it platonic. Until almost a year later and the boyfriend and I broke up because he was seeing someone else and had been for awhile. K waited one month. Then he asked me out on his first official date. EVER. We went to the movies to see Scream the time I was a horror movie fan.

And now I can't stomach all the blood and guts. K had never even seen any of the scream movies. He was just happy I went out with him.

Do you remember the way you felt on your first date? The excitement and fun...your stomach in knots...I know mine was. I think dating is absolutely necessary in a relationship no matter how long you have been together.It keeps the relationship alive and you get to do fun things together.  Fun is such an important key with your significant other.

Here are some pointers...dress up, put your favorite outfit on and some makeup and go to your favorite restaurant. Sit and talk about things no one else would care about. Make sure to laugh. Now the this once a week. Those of you who have children, I know that is a harder are some suggestions. Put your kids to bed early and have some ice cream and a movie. If you can't make it through a whole movie, watch a favorite T.V. show. Netflix is great for that. Or get a babysitter if you can. Your marriage is worth it. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to do...that will be a post for another day along with the story of our first kiss...


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