Date Nights Part 2


I knew I would spend time on a few posts about dating because like I have said before, it is so crucial to a marriage. The misconception is now that you are married and you are together, the dating stops.  It should never stop!  Dating helps keep that fire lit and it also helps you have fun together and remember why you love each other.  This post will focus on fun ideas to do together while being reasonably cheap.  Give them a try!  I am going to challenge K and I to also try them. 

Before I get into the ideas, I promised I would have the story of K and I's first kiss. (it's really fun to travel down memory lane...on a night when there isn't anything on T.V...pull out your wedding album or old pictures of the two of you and laugh at how much you have changed!).

K had asked me to his prom and his military ball (he was in the JROTC at his high school).  The prom was first and on April 1, 2000 I wore a very pretty light blue sequenced dress, rode in a black limo with another couple and ate at an expensive Italian restaurant everyone else seemed to pick for their prom night. We went to the dance, but I think we danced to one song (the music wasn't that great) and after went to a friend's house to watch a couple movies before our curfews.  K drove me to my house and walked me to the door.  He gave me a hug and said good night then started walking back to his car.  I was thinking...that's it?  I go to a dance with him and not even a kiss goodnight?  I knew I really liked him and he was extremely I figured I would take matters into my own hands.  He was about to get in his car so I took a deep breath walked to him and just planted one.  After a few precious seconds, he looked at me and smiled and said "Thank you."  Then we went our separate ways. (I do not let him live it down that I kissed him first) Of course, a week later we made it official we were a couple at his military ball.

Here are some cheap at home date night ideas (for nights you can't get a sitter, can't get out, or just want to stay home etc):
1) Cook a favorite meal together
2)Play cards (go fish, rummy, UNO, anything)
3) Play board games (K and I had a fun game of scrabble the other night)
       (also fun to play: scattergories, monopoly, scene it, checkers, guess who, jenga)
4) If you are a co-op game together (K and I love to play Lego games together. We do not quit until we have found everything! We will also do dance central together which is a lot of fun)
5) Watch funny you tube videos together
6) Ask a series of random questions (if you had a million dollars how would you spend it?  What is your favorite childhood Christmas? if you could be any character from fiction, who would you be?)
7) Read a book together
8) If you like the outdoors, bring your date outside and have a picnic on your patio. (I am not outdoorsy...I worry about things like bugs)
9) Do yard work together
10) Build a fort and watch a movie (I really want to try this one. I can see K loving this idea...he's a big kid at heart)
11) Saw this on pinterest: buy two Nerf guns and set one by the front door. When he gets home from work, hide somewhere in your house and be armed. Let the fun begin!
12) Go through old pictures together from childhood, your relationship, etc. Spend the entire evening reminiscing about the good ole days...

Here are some date ideas when you get out of the house:
1)Go to a flea market
2) Attend a local festival
3) Take selfies around town in different spots (make sure some of them are goofy)
4) Go bowling
5) Go listen to a local band you have never heard of
6)Karaoke contest
7) Putt Putt Golf
8) Go to a favorite restaurant, each order something completely different and share the food

Don't be afraid to try something different together. Sometimes those create the best memories!


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