Technology these days...

I tried an experiment on Saturday that half worked and I think I will be trying again.  I am too connected. Do you ever feel that way?  I misplace my cell phone sometimes and think what did I do 10 years ago before cell phones became such a necessity?  I spend a lot of time on my phone.  Whether it's checking email, facebook, or pinterest, responding to texts, answering phone's always right there by me.

Since K and I were going to spend Saturday together, I was going to try something. I have noticed that when we are watching T.V. together or out together, I will use my phone. I have gotten better about it, but it's still always there to distract me. So, Saturday morning I turned it on silent and kept it in my room with occasionally checking it to make sure no one had called or texted.  The experiment was to stay off it completely.  Well, I was able to stay completely off anything social media. And I think I will do this more often!  There was a lot of freedom to it!  Try it if you can!  Especially if you are on a date with your hubby. He's not as connected as I am...he hasn't checked his facebook in 2 years and he definitely doesn't use Pinterest. But, it made for a very nice date. We ate at one of our favorite sushi restaurants and the food was so yummy. 

Later on, I answered a couple phone calls and a text and we had our first sleepover with one of my youngest nephews.  He is almost 1.  He is so funny and very mobile crawling and pulling himself up to stand where he sees the opportunity.  He made us laugh alot.

K and I are also trying no t.v. two nights a week. We watch a lot of t.v. Especially in the fall. And so far it's going well.  And we are starting a bible study on Wed nights so that will help the experiment even more.  I want us to talk more and of course...have fun together.  So we'll see how it goes.
So my advice for today is unplug once in a while.  From whatever electronic device is distracting you.  Technology is great and I love it, but sometimes it's good to disconnect for a while and focus on something else.


  1. This is such great advice! It is great feeling connected to each other without the distraction. We get each others full attention and not just the leftovers.



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