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Choose Joy

This is one of my favorite bible verses, yet it is probably one of the hardest to live by. And this is where we will camp out today for our devotional.

This devotional, Wife After God, has really spoken to me on different levels. But today's reading really got to me. She tells of a story of a woman who has been struggling with anxiety after having her baby. A friend who God has blessed with the gift of hospitality, reaches out to the new mom and shows God's call to us of displaying joy and sacrifice to her friend in need.

The reason this spoke to me is because I can relate to the new mom. I am the one struggling with anxiety. Before I knew what was happening to me, I let it steal precious moments and completely became consumed by it. God helps me through it and gives me strength to overcome the anxiety every day. But, the truth is I want to be like the friend who reached out to her. I want the joy to be seen on my face for doing God's work. I want to reach out to someone …