Friday, September 30, 2016

We All Struggle With Something...

I have been working on a part two for my makings of a Christian wife series, but God put it on my heart for the post today.

I used to not like listening to sermons. Don't get me wrong, I love going to church and I love our pastor. But I never used to like sitting and listening to a sermon from someone else. I viewed it like I view audio books...I didn't want to listen; I am a reader.  But then I discovered Right Now Media thanks to my church. It is the Netflix for bible studies and I have completely fallen in love with it. Right now I am doing a study on changing the mind. It deals with issues like worry, anxiety, fear, and how trusting God and changing your mind can battle these issues.

I have been struggling with anxiety and fear and today I finally realized why. I have not been happy with some circumstances that K and I have been experiencing. I haven't been satisfied with some outcomes and I have not been trusting God to change my way of thinking. I have been asking God to help me through this trial, but I haven't been allowing Him to change my mind. I have been wallowing in self-pity and discomfort and this is not the way I want to live. I have absolutely no reason to give in to this way of thinking. God is my salvation and I am blessed beyond belief. I am learning that He doesn't expect us to think that life and marriage will always be peaches and cream by following Him, but I will still praise Him in the hard times. That because of Him, I can get through this. The devil will take us at our most vulnerable state and attack us with fear and worry and anxiety if we let him and I refuse to allow this continue to sit with me. I used to think that the devil had no power over me. I know that everything comes down to choice, but I would roll my eyes on the inside when someone would say something about the devil being the enemy. But he is real and will attack especially if you are living for God. I have learned a very important lesson today: happiness is a choice. I can choose to be happy with what I have been blessed with or I can choose to be miserable and seriously, what fun is that? 

Some people go through some really hard situations. Bad things happen to good people and sometimes it's completely out of our control. What we can control is how we react to the situation we are given. My faith in God and his ability to help me in this struggle is what will get me through tough times. 

I hope this random stream of consciousness made sense because I had to share it without going into a lot of detail. Just know that whoever you are reading this, you are loved and I am praying for you.

My life verse that I will commit to memory Phil 4: 6-8:

Thanks for reading! Until next time, have a great day!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Challenging Myself (Want to Join?)

It starts out as something small:
The garbage not being taken out, 
the mail piling up on the corner of the counter, 
or not filling the sponge wand with dish detergent after he uses it. 

I try my hardest not to nag I let these things "slide".  What I really do is let them fester inside and they come to a boiling point...

And this is what happened over the weekend: The pot boiled over.
I was dealing with stress from several different areas of life in general and lately we seemed to be nit-picking each other. ALOT. I was getting aggravated with him over such little things. And the pot completely over boiled because I didn't let him know what was bothering me from the beginning. After a long talk and a melt-down on my part, I wanted to do something different than focusing on the things that he did that bothered me. We were better than that. We were letting the stress of life get to us and I didn't like it one bit.

I started a new video bible study series this morning:

This is one I missed at our church because I had a choice between this and Revelation and I felt God was pulling me to study Revelation. I was really happy when I realized Right Now Media had this series and I could watch it on my own. It was perfect timing (as God is always teaching me) with what happened this past weekend.

This series starts by studying Ephesians 5:21-31

I have done several posts about this verse before. And I promise, I am not trying to "beat a dead horse". I know how controversial and difficult this topic is. But I am going to use a phrase my pastor loves to use...Don't take it up with me...take it up with God. I'm just quoting the word. One thing Jimmy Evans (the teacher of this series) stated that I loved was that submission does not mean dominance. We are equal partners in this marriage. We are not the boss of each other: the boss of our home is Jesus Christ.

So here are a few things that resonated with me in this study this morning...
  1. The #1 Need of a Man is: HONOR
  2. The #1 Need of a Woman is: SECURITY
  3. Intimacy is the PRIZE of marriage
  4. God's Role for Men in Marriage: Nourish and cherish their wives...bring your wife to her full potential
  5. God's Role for Women in Marriage: Honor Your your Husband's cheerleader
Isn't this powerful?? All of these points can be talked about for hours, but #5 really spoke to me. Something that Jimmy Evans said spoke volumes to me: Don't let the devil focus you on what your husband is doing wrong.

Isn't that exactly what I was doing?? I was completely focused on what K was doing wrong and was missing what he was doing right. I was being selfish and focused on my stress and how swamped I was and what he wasn't doing. So after this lesson I made a challenge for myself. 

Each day this week I will praise K for something good he has done.

I want to continue it after, but I think this is a good start to get into the habit of it. I realized how little I praise K for the things he does for us, for himself, for me. This goes beyond just thanking him for what he does. I want to be his biggest cheerleader. I want to encourage him to reach his full potential. God definitely has his way of challenging me!

How often do you praise your spouse? Feel free to join me in this challenge! 

Until next time, have a great day!