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I teach 2 year old children at a church in a little program known as "Children's day out". Everyday I usually come home with a couple interesting stories to tell K. This week I got the idea for this post from them. Everyday we try to stick to a routine for them...kids thrive on routine. Before lunch we always take them outside and around the church for a walk to work off some of their energy. When we enter back into the classroom, they are supposed to sit on our little rug while we put out their lunches. Well, one day we wanted to do things differently. We wanted to practice a new song we were teaching them. So when we entered the class we told them to line up against the wall. They went straight to the rug and sat down. (Well, most of them. We have a few that run around...they are 2) It made us laugh at how one minor detail didn't compute to them. And it made me realize we are creatures of habit, but it works.

K and I have habits, rituals, and traditions that make our marriage great. Things we make it a point to do that mean a lot to us and make our marriage special. Please feel free to try some of these and tell me what your rituals or traditions are.

1) We eat supper together: This was very important to both of us. We started this very early in our marriage that we would sit at the table for supper time and eat together. Even if he works late, I will eat a snack and wait to eat supper with him. It gives us a chance to relax together and catch up on our day.

2) Bedtime: We try our hardest to go to bed at the same time. Very rarely we don't. I know this is hard for those who work different hours, but this is so important for a married couple. K and I have some of our best conversations before we go to bed. The intimacy of going to bed together is not only about the obvious reasons, but also about the connection shared.

3) We text each other during the day when we are a part: I will admit I had to work at this one with K. Sometimes he would get very busy at work and I wouldn't hear from him all day. After we talked about it, we text each other to say hi or to tell each other something every day. Texting makes it so easy to just let them know, hey, I am thinking about you and I love you. Even if they can't respond right away, they can when it's convenient. 

4) At supper time, we pray- Well anytime we sit down to eat together we pray together. We also are trying to get better about setting one night a week to do a bible study or devotional together.

5) Hugs and kisses- K is a very affectionate person. That is something that is important to him. So every evening when he gets home, he hugs me and gives me a kiss. We also do this before bedtime. It's amazing how that hug and kiss can make whatever kind of day I have had get better. I look forward to it everyday.

6) Date nights- We try to have a date night every week. With the craziness of the holiday season, it doesn't always happen, but we try very hard to spend an evening doing something we love together, even if it's just watching movies in our pj's.

Traditions...and New Traditions:

1) My Birthday: On my birthday for the last few years, we have gone to the movies and ate at a restaurant together. I love this time we spend together. It's something we can do for a date, but the treat on my birthday makes it very special.

2) New Year's eve: I know you can understand how crazy the holidays get...so on New Year's eve, K and I try very hard to spend this night at home together alone. It doesn't happen every year, but we are pushing for it this year. Sometimes you need one holiday to yourselves to regroup and settle down after all the busyness.

3) Christmas presents: We are bringing something back this year. When K and I started dating, we had traditions of exchanging presents. When we got married, we started shopping together and just picked out what we wanted for Christmas and stopped exchanging. After talking to my co-workers about it, I realized how much I missed it. So we decided to set a limit and get a couple stocking stuffers to exchange on Christmas this year. I already have K's wrapped and in his stocking :)

I hope this gives you an insight into K and I's rituals and traditions. What are some traditions you do as a couple?  Try something new this Christmas season. That's what makes marriage fun!


  1. Beckie Cambre. I truly enjoy reading your blogs..keep up the good work in blogging and especially in living out in truth the advice you give others O:-)


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