5 Small Ways to Show They Are The Best

I'll be honest...I didn't look at the date Wednesday. I currently have been enjoying my week off of work getting housework done that usually is put on the back burner like dusting, cleaning baseboards, etc (I actually don't mind cleaning. I love our house to be clean and smell fresh. I take pride in it) But I also have been able to enjoy two favorite hobbies...reading and scrapbooking. Anyway...K has been under work pressure and working extra hours, so Wednesday I figured it would be a typical night. He'd come home from work, need a long hug and I would fix supper while he told me about his day. This our usual work week night.

What I didn't expect was these in his hand...

After giving him a hug and a kiss, I gave him a smile and  asked him what were the flowers for? We had celebrated our anniversary; it was done...what else could there have been? He smiled and said..."you said yes." I quickly glanced at the calendar then it hit me...it was 15 years ago that he asked me to be his girlfriend. It made me tear up that he remembered, (we don't celebrate that day anymore like we did when we were dating) after all the stress he's been under and different worries from our day to day life...he thought about doing something so sweet for me. Remember this post?  It really is the little things that count. That meant so much to me.

I have said this before, but I want to share how much doing little things for each other mean to a spouse. Just letting them know that you love them and how much they mean to you can go a long way.Here are some ideas:

1) Slip little post it notes in drawers they go to everyday telling them they are amazing or how much you love them. Stick them in their books, lunch kits, etc. (I do this now a lot)

2) After a stressful day, give them a long hug. Sometimes just a hug and no words says exactly what you feel

3) Thank them for the hard work they do...Taking care of you etc

4) The next time you are sitting on the couch watching T.V...cuddle 

5)Let them fully talk (I have a bad habit of interrupting, because when something comes to mind, I want to say it so I don't forget about it) about their day, ask them questions. Show what they do interests you and you want to know about it.

So my challenge for you today is to do something sweet and unexpected for your spouse. Surprise them and bring a smile to their face 😊. Until next time, have a blessed day!


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