Let's give them something to talk about

My husband said I talk a lot...

We were sitting at the table playing the game "ImaginIFF" and the question was what if I were a form of communication, what would I be? (I as in me being the subject) Email won the round for me; I always did consider myself a better writer than much of a talker. I actually prefer texting over talking. I can get so much more out with writing than with talking. (I have a lot of side thoughts that I can convey into writing that makes more sense than when I talk...struggles of being a  multitasker). Anyway, K chose telephone because he said I talk a lot. I looked at him very skeptically. He defended his response with when he gets home from work, I am at my most chatty. Although I was surprised with his answer I concluded that I have a lot to tell him and by the time he finally gets home, I unload!

Then today I read an article about conversations every couple should have and it sparked some inspiration on this blog post: what do you and your significant other talk about? Do you wish your communication was better? Sometimes we run out of things to say...K and I both have said we are horrible at small talk with other people.

K and I's communication has always been great, since the beginning. He's an amazing listener and apparently I'm a good talker! Here are some topics that I think are great and you should have together...(or just some ideas to get some conversations going)

1) How was your day? : This is an obvious one, but it is so important to talk about each other's day. Ask questions to show your interest. Get them to tell you details. (Don't accept it was work...or it was fine. Does that drive anyone else crazy??)

2) Follow up on something that happened yesterday...is there something that happened the day before that you two forgot to reevaluate?

3) Growing old together- talk about where you see each other years down the road...what you want to do when you retire

4) Favorite T.V. or movie: Do you have a show that you watch together or a movie you recently watched? Make sure to critique it together

5) Traveling: Where would you love to go as a couple? Start dreaming together of your ultimate vacation destination. Make some plans and goals

6) What is something you would love to do or learn but have never tried?

7) What about food? What is something you want to try but never have? Make a date to try it!

8) Sit down and create a bucket list together of all things you want to do together

9) Where are you career wise? Are you doing what you want to? Talk about making goals together and how you can move forward

10) Finances: Make this a team effort. Talk about it often and do the budget together. Ever since we completed Financial Peace University, we have learned how important it is to communicate about finances.

11) Those of us without children...Talk about how you will raise and discipline your kids. I am learning from watching others how important it is to be on the same page about your kids and how you will raise them. Talk about it now!

12) Those with children...what are your dreams for your children? How will you handle the teenage years? What do you hope they will do when they get older?

13) Discuss a controversial topic...Tip:Best way to handle this (debating can be fun and no arguing) each gets a turn to state their opinion with no interruptions.

I hope this sparks some interesting conversations between the two of you! Remember to have fun with it and listen to their response! Until next time, have a good day!


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