Trudging Through A Year of Biblical Womanhood

When I don't like a book, it is so hard for me to get through it. I have a hard time getting to the end. It's like a race you are trying desperately to reach the finish...who am I kidding? I know nothing about races. I don't run...

Anyway...I started this book in April. I am a pretty fast reader. I try to read a book every two weeks; not ways possible but I try. So not even halfway through this one, I was desperately trying to finish this book. I really wanted to like it. I have grown to like year long journeys. I find them very inspiring. This book, however, was not inspiring. 

Rachel Held Evans embarks on a year long journey of the Bible. In this journey, she will practice Old Testament customs and learn more about herself and her Christian faith. Or so we are led to think. What starts out as a month by month task list devoted to particular virtues (Grace, beauty, submission, valor etc) ends up a whine fest drowned with overtones of sarcasm. I was highly disappointed in what I thought was going to be an informative guide into the Old Testament beliefs but it was overshadowed with studying other religious practices and her own spin on her beliefs and interpretations.

What I did like was her honesty about the Proverbs 31 wife. Because let's be honest...She is one hard woman to copy. She is the epitome of the perfect wife and how we should be, but impossible to copy. And Rachel makes her own frustrations known. What she resolves is to use the Proverbs 31wife as a guide and not to try and copy her. We are our own wives and some days dishes will stay in the sink or supper will be two hours late. We shouldn't look at her and focus on our failures, but highlight our victories and take pride in what we do and not what is lacking.

I also completely related to her fears of motherhood. She rents a computer baby for two days to test motherhood, but relays in detail her thoughts and fears on the responsibility of being a mom; which was like reading my own fears. Although I hope to one day be a mom, like Rachel I fear the change parenthood brings and the responsibility it carries.

I think some of my biggest problems with this book was even though she devoted a month to a certain topic, some of them, like submission and domesticity were done with mockery and "her dragging her feet". Her whole view on submission was lacking for me. She used a book with how to be a good wife instructions and I agree that some of them were far off (taking your husband's shoes off? Really??)  but because this was so out of character for her, her husband was reluctant and weary of it. She had to clarify with saying "this is for the project". Submission is looked at like a curse. What is wrong with wanting to help your husband? With taking joy in caring for him? I do agree that marriage is an equal partnership; but I don't think there is anything wrong with submitting to him as Christ calls us to do.

So unfortunately, this will definitely not be on my top 10 list. It might make my most disappointing list...but some aspects of the book were interesting and she did have a good sense of humor. I would rate this book 2 stars.

Until next time, have a good night! 


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