Let's brag about our husbands...

I have to admit...I was taken by surprise, but first let me explain. K and I just celebrated 16 years together.

Here we are at his military ball in 2000. That is the night I said "yes" to being his girlfriend and my whole life changed. I posted this picture on facebook and was talking to a friend about it. She asked if she had known K was a veteran and I had to tell her that he was in JROTC for his high school. I bragged about some of the accomplishments he did while he was in JROTC. And then I apologized for bragging and what she said surprised me. She told me not to apologize because too many women complain about their husbands. She continued to say it was refreshing to hear someone praise their husband.

After the conversation it really made me think about what she said. So many times I have seen on social media negative comments about husbands or marriage in general. This is what fueled the want to have this marriage blog in the first place. I understand every relationship is different and we all hit bumps, road blocks, and pot holes in our marriages. K drives me absolutely insane sometimes. But, he is also an amazing man and I love who he is and I love sharing that with others. Why don't we do more of that instead of complaining about them all the time? And better yet, why don't we share what we love about them to...our husbands?? It might even make their day. I challenge you to make them smile! I also challenge you to brag about them to one of your friends. Praising and bragging about our husbands not only will help them feel good about themselves, but will also help us to feel good about the men we married. Why would we want to be grumpy and angry with them all the time? That's no fun.

One more tip: if you are having a tough time with your spouse, make a list of all the good things they do for you or things that make you smile. It will help take some of the anger away. Make sure to thank them for something they have done for you.

My Bragging Rights on K:

  1. He is an extremely hard worker and wonderful provider
  2. He always makes me smile and laugh
  3. He knows how to make me feel better when I am having a bad day
  4. He went from a part time teller to the financial controller of the bank he works at
  5. He takes great care of me when I am sick
I could keep going, but you get the idea :)  
Until next time, brag about your husband!


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