Completely Eye Opening

It's been a long time since a book actually made me feel convicted and made me question how I handle things.  Not that this is a bad thing...or a bad book; on the was a great book. I absolutely loved it. But it was convicting for me.

I finished it the other night. I have grown to love my mission to find good marriage books to share with you guys. For one, it gets me reading marriage books and I pick up lots of interesting tips. 

This book was no different. The one thing that was so refreshing about this one was unlike most of the marriage books I have read so far, it was not a step by step on what you should do and not do. The author takes you with her on her journey of this experiment to discover what exactly it means to be a submissive wife. When she doesn't understand something or struggles with her role as a helper, she expresses it to the reader. I loved this writing style. It made it so much more personal.

As I was reading this book, I started making a list of what I was struggling with as a wife. How was I submissive to K? I am going to share with you some of what I jotted down...

  1. Do I let K lead or do I nag? 
  2. I struggle with making decisions before talking to him first
  3. Do I make sure I show K kindness in the home responsibilities or do I show resentment when I do housework? Which I have to comment on something she said that really resonated with me...for us wives that take on the role of the home life falling on us because our husbands work all day. Becoming their wives put us into the roles of being their helpers. Let's take joy and pride in being able to provide a comfortable and relaxing home for them to come home to. And let us not be afraid to ask for help from them when we feel overwhelmed or we have taken on too much. They are here to help us too.
  4. Do I follow Ephesians 5:24 to support K in the way I support Christ?
  5. Using her acronym for loving HIS way...practice loving K in HIS way (with Honor, Intention, and Selflessness)
As I was very convicting and opened my eyes to somethings I need to work on. And I am committed to working on them because he means the world to me and deserves the best of me. (Like last night...our niece will be coming spend the weekend with us this weekend and even though it involves her and me mostly, I asked his opinion and help on a few decisions)

There are a couple things I am not sure about that she struggled with too. Like waiting on him...for example: fixing his plate. I don't fix his plate and never have. My attitude about this is I don't know how much he wants to eat. Do you think this is silly and a bit much? I also struggle with being pushy about K's spirituality and apparently the author did to. She told of a story about a devotional she bought for the family to do together and her husband's reaction to it. I have done the same thing. But we are not their Holy Spirit. Our job is to pray for them and let God handle their heart. 

And lastly, her idea about a 20 second hug is brilliant!! The author and her husband can call for a hug at anytime during an argument etc. And they have to hug for at least 20 seconds. They cannot refuse. And she said she almost always feels the anger melt away. I want to start practicing this.

So all in all, I loved this book and I can't wait to read her other book My so called life as a Proverbs 31 wife. Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have a great day!


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