Here's that dirty word again... can say it. Or say it with me...I am a horrible blogger. Here it is almost 3 months since my last post. HORRIBLE BLOGGER. There are many excuses I can throw at you: I have started a new bible study on Wed nights...K and I are now going to Sunday school (now called life groups), work has gotten super busy, and for a week we had family staying with us. But all of that is my way of saying...I'm sorry for being gone but I am here. I just don't post all the time ;)

I started reading a very interesting book:

K and I spent a Saturday afternoon browsing Lifeway Christian bookstore and I stumbled upon this in the bargain section. I am only a few chapters in and I can say I am really glad I picked this up. Instead of doing a review of this book, I am going to treat it as discussion topic for now. As I continue through it, I am going to post about it. It raises some very interesting topics. The most interesting being that dirty word we talked about: Submission.

Sara Horn commits to a year of being submissive to her husband, as Paul calls us to do in Ephesians 5. She comments how difficult this will be for her as she is independent and doesn't want to lose her voice in her marriage. But, submission is widely misunderstood. And in our culture it is frowned upon...taboo even. Women aren't supposed to be submissive to men anymore. We are independent, self-sufficient, and don't need men to do things for us. And heaven forbid we do things for our men. That would show weakness. (But Fifty Shades of Grey is a bestselling book?! Still can't understand that contradiction.)

God never intended for the word submission to be something bad. When I married K, I not only am a woman, but I became his wife. His help-meet. As Sara states in her book, God created marriage with Adam and Eve. He created Eve so Adam wouldn't be lonely and she would complete him. She would help him.  That is what submission is supposed to look like. 

After reading the first few chapters...I started thinking.  Am I a submissive wife?  I can say I am a helpful wife. I make sure the laundry is done and he has clean work clothes. (although I slack sometimes.) I cook supper and make sure he doesn't have to worry about coming home and having to worry about it after a long day at work. (although I do ask him to pick up Subway sometimes or it's just a frozen pizza.) I keep a clean house. (although I refuse to take out the garbage and will let it overflow because that is "his" job.) See what I am doing here? Even though I am helpful, I need help in the things I do. And a better attitude. When I really think about a submissive wife, when I think about some of the decisions K and I have had to make...I haven't reacted the way I should. My attitude stinks sometimes. If I don't get my way, I pout. I blow things out of proportion. I don't think that is being submissive. As I am reading this book, I will use it as a teaching tool for myself and try to be a more submissive wife as well and learn all I can about what that means. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

One last thought before I go...Sara also states that by submitting to our husbands, we are submitting to God. (32) God created marriage and by doing this we are being obedient to Him. Just a little food for thought.

Until next time...have a great day!


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