Embrace the Differences...

I think my brain is taking a vacation. It's possible that it's because in 4 days, K and I will finally be taking a much needed vacation. He told me last night if we could, he would have the car packed and ready to go and we would already be on our way...but of course there are things to finish this week like work.

We try to take a vacation once a year. Last year with so much going on, it didn't happen. So we were determined to go somewhere this year. Many things cropped up, but we are leaving for our favorite place, Gatlinburg TN, on Saturday!!  This will be our third time going and each time we have made a different trip. This time we will be riding ATV's, going to a cave, and even may try zip lining! I will definitely have a post about it with pictures!

Until then, I still need something to blog about so I thought I would post some interesting differences about K and me. We have a lot in common and enjoy spending time together and doing fun things together. We both have a love for classic rock music and action movies. Dr Pepper and sweet tea are both our favorite drinks and we share many favorite T.V. shows. But, like every couple we have many differences. Here are some differences that you may find interesting:

  1. Although I am a very organized person, I can be a bit messy with a few things. I squeeze the toothpaste in the center. I don't care how I squeeze it as long as it comes out. K on the other hand, will squeeze very neatly from the bottom and get every last drop out of it. If I am not getting anymore toothpaste out, it's in the garbage.
  2. I tend to leave doors open. I will leave the closet or pantry door with a crack in it. I didn't know this until recently, but it drives K crazy. He just goes behind me and shuts it.
  3. K loves tomatoes...I hate them.
  4. I get hot easily and love having the fan on...K, on the other hand, is always cold.
  5. I am a spender...my spending money is already spent before I get it. K still has money from Christmas (and gift cards from his birthday!) he hasn't spent yet.
  6. I love the beach and love to swim...K doesn't know how to swim.
  7. K loves sci-fi movies as I love chick flicks. Both of us don't like watching the other. Although, I have finally surrendered and am watching the Star Wars movies with him. (It only took 15 years for him to get me to do it.)
  8. I LOVE country music. I grew up listening to it and can listen to it all day. K only likes some older country. At times. He is much more of a hard rock fan. (Which I do like also. Never did before though.)
  9. K loves biscuits, but I love cinnamon rolls.
  10. I love shrimp any kind of way. Grilled, fried, sauteed, boiled...K does not.

What about you? What makes you and your spouse different? Any that you share with us? Until next time, have a great day!


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