Another One Bites the Dust

I grew up on their music. I was in grade school and Glycerine was a song I listened to daily and in high school No Doubt was a band I loved to crank really loud during the 90's. So when I found out the lead singers of my favorite bands, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, were married, I knew they would be rock solid (see what I did there?). 20 years later, (has it really been 20 years since we experienced the Spice Girls, Saved by the Bell, Rugrats, and Clueless?  AS IF!!) I have a wide variety of music interests and that includes country music. I love to listen to country and know plenty of the old and current artists.

I have been very disappointed with entertainment news lately. First it was Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert who called it quits after 4 years of marriage. Especially after they had said divorce was never an option. Then this morning I turn on the television to find out that Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are getting a divorce after 20+ years, along with Reba McIntire and her husband of 25+ years. I understand that touring and the entertainment world is full of its hardships...but isn't marriage worth working on? Is a career really more important than making sure you have a happy marriage that lasts?? Everyone has dreams and I am a firm believer in pursuing them, but when you get married, pursue them together. I don't know what happened in these situations and it's definitely their business not mine, it just seems to be an epidemic. Every time I turn on the news, another couple has fallen prey to divorce and has called it quits.

I know that there are situations that divorce is unavoidable. I know a few people where that was the only option that was presented to them, know matter what they tried. So, it happens...

So for this post, I want to share with you what makes K and I's marriage special...things that make it divorce proof and I pray that you can use some of these tips for your marriage. And just maybe there will be more marriages out there that will stand firm and make it work...
  1. There is no plan B. We will work through matter what
  2. When we have a problem...we go to God with it and we trust him to handle it and get us through it
  3. We forgive each other...EVERY TIME.
  4. We laugh.  A LOT.
  5. We trust each other and don't hide anything from each other...or lie to each other. That isn't an option
  6. We do things together and have fun together. We date each other...often. It didn't stop when we got married
  7. We trust God through good and bad times
  8. We lean on each other for everything
  9. We pray together (the couple that prays together, stays together)
  10. We say I love you...daily
Until next time...have a great day!


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