Are you a creature of habit? Do you like routine? Do you work better with a schedule? All of the above applies to K and me. We thrive off of routine, habit, and schedules. I've even posted about our habits before. But, this week we are experiencing change. And it has made me realize how important it is to lean on each other.

My grandma had knee surgery Monday. And now that she is recovering, she is staying with us. She is doing well with it, but it is very demanding on her. She has a lot to do with physical therapy, so I stay busy being her nurse.

I think it is very important during a season of change to lean on each other and not forget you are married. K has been very helpful picking up anything if I need him to, and just being available if I need something. But it has to go deeper than that. I am taking time to myself. Like right now, she is napping, so I am doing a few things I love (like posting this blog.) I read, check email, catch up on housework, check pinterest. As a couple though, we also need to find time together. We need to remember to be affectionate and laugh at the little things. We try to stick to some texting each other during the day and eating supper together. And communication will be a key...we will need to communicate about mundane our days are and how we are doing in general. It's these important things that will help K and I stay connected during the changes.

Until next time, have a good day!


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