A Fun New Adventure

K and I aren't very adventurous. We are creatures of habit; change doesn't sit very well with us. These last few weeks have been full of change. K has had to work long hours and we haven't seen much of each other lately, plus we are preparing for my grandma to stay with us while she recovers from surgery.

So I wanted to spend Memorial weekend with K since he didn't have to work, and I tried to think of a fun date. Something different, but that we would both enjoy. When we get away, we always go to Baton Rouge to shop at the Mall of Louisiana. I started looking on Pinterest for ideas for dates and came across an idea for a bookstore scavenger hunt. Of course, I was beyond interested. I love books; reading is one of my favorite hobbies. Libraries and bookstores are my safe haven. I came up with 20 ideas and a point system in order to convince K this would be fun. We can be quite competitive. The ideas included: a book you loved in high school, a book made into a movie you have not seen, a book with your birth year, a book with a recipe you want to try, etc. As I kept writing down the ideas, the more excited I was getting. This was going to be fun! I just had to convince K.

At first, he wasn't thrilled, but he was willing to give it a try and wanted to get away as much as I did. We traveled to Baton Rouge and ate at Walk Ons; a wonderful restaurant with great American food with shopping after.

The shopping was fun, but I was looking forward to the scavenger hunt. We split up when we got there and had an hour to find all the books on the list. We had to take pics of the books to prove we found them.

A book from my all time favorites list

A recipe that I would love to try from Hungry Girl

Two favorite books from my childhood

A book made into a movie that I haven't seen

After we found our books, we found a quiet little table to share our pictures and some delicious cheesecake. I found out a few new things about K...he thinks that a book everyone should read is the bible and a book he liked in high school was the Hobbit. He beat me in points, but it definitely was a lot of fun roaming around Barnes and Nobles taking selfies with books and sharing them with K. It may not sound very adventurous, but for us that is as adventurous as we get. What can I say? We are total nerds.

My advice for today is not to be afraid to try something new together. It could be lots of fun and a great way to reconnect!

Until next time, have a great day!


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