Lucky 7

Hi readers!!  Today is a very special this calls for a very special post. I am taking a break today from the couples bible study and reviews and all that good stuff.  (Plus I need to start reading a new book to review ha ha).
Today is K and I's 7 year anniversary! I am big smiles today. I can't believe 7 years ago we were in Pigeon Forge, TN and getting married. We live in South Louisiana, but after doing a lot of research and we learned how much a big wedding would cost, we packed up our stuff and drove 12 hours to Pigeon Forge. We saved so much money and had the best wedding and honeymoon ever! We brought our immediate family with us along with a couple we were very close to (we had stood in their wedding.)  So for this post I thought I would have fun with a few lists of 7s...I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed this post! It brought back some great memories!

7 Pictures from Our Wedding:

Our chapel :)

After we were married...we were so happy 

We love to take goofy pictures...the photographer had lots of fun with our crew

Me and my beautiful bridesmaids (that's my sis on the right)

And our groomsmen caught red handed writing on the car (brother is on the right)

7 Interesting Facts about Our Proposal and Wedding:

1) I didn't cry. I got asked if I cried when he proposed or if I cried when we got married. Nope. I am not an emotional person. Something really has to catch me off guard to make me cry. I laughed for the proposal. I was so happy he finally had done it!

2) He wanted to surprise me for the proposal and got our friends (who came to TN with us) involved. I thought we were celebrating the fact that they were expecting! (which I later found out was a trick and not true!) They even had a list of baby names picked out!

3) K not only asked my dad for my hand (do guys even do that anymore?), but he also asked my mom and step-dad.

4) Our wedding was nontraditional, but I was very adamant about K not seeing me in my wedding dress until the wedding. He didn't know what it looked like until that day. 

5) My something borrowed and something old was a bracelet that my grandma lent me from my great-grandmother and my wedding dress was my something new...however, I did not have a something blue. I forgot!

6) It snowed the day before our wedding. It was beautiful the day we went to check out the chapel and it just started snowing. I believe that was the angels saying, Finally! 

7) We spent the evening of our wedding day with our family in their cabin, listening to music, talking, "cutting up" (as we say here) and playing pool.  We stayed until midnight and had a blast!

7 Things that make K and I's marriage Rock Solid:

1) Christ Jesus- we pray together and rely on Him to make our marriage great

2) We make time to date each other

3) We laugh a lot (sounds so simple...but it really helps to laugh at each other)

4) We make time for our own interests

5) We respect each other and trust each other

6) When things get really crazy and we are both stressed...we take moments to just lean on each other

7) We hug, say I love you, and kiss daily (this is really huge, readers.  It seems simple but it is so important to do this daily!)

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


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