Couples of the Bible-Adam and Eve Part 2

Good morning, readers! Last night I read an article on Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting. If you are not familiar with her, she is famous for her role in The Big Bang Theory and 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Daughter. She recently got married and I was surprised to learn that she believes in the traditional role of marriage. It was refreshing to read her interview as she said she wanted to show him respect by adding to her name and taking his, she cooks for him 5 nights a week and wants to take care of him. When she was asked about why did she think her marriage would last while so many other Hollywood marriages fail, she answered that too many throw in the towel and give up. They work at their marriage everyday. I was really impressed to read her interview...I don't watch the Big Bang Theory although I have heard it's really funny. I had to share with you.

Now to talk about my study from last week continuing on Adam and Eve. I will be in Genesis Chapter 3: 1-24. In this Chapter, Eve's vulnerability is tested by one of God's most deceiving creatures, the serpent. He asks her about the fruit from the trees in the garden and twists God's words about the tree of knowledge and eating of the fruit.

"You won't die!" the serpent replied to the woman. "God knows your eyes will be opened as soon as you eat it, and you will be like God, knowing both good and evil." (Genesis 3:4)

He makes the fruit sound delicious and harmless and completely disregards God's command; God was wrong for saying they would die. Temptation is one of the worst things ever, isn't it?? This is not related to marriage, but I deal with temptation from food everyday. It is a constant struggle for me to keep my weight in check and not overeat. For the past 2 years, I have been able to keep 40 pounds off and am currently working on my last 20. I can't express enough how hard this is for me. Junk food (especially anything salty) is a complete weakness. I can sit and eat and eat and not even be hungry. I have to really pull willpower from God. He has helped me with this struggle because it was completely beyond my control. Many of us struggle with different temptations. In marriage, temptations also are, affairs, alcohol, drugs, and so on. It is how we handle those temptations that define us. Unfortunately, Eve made some major errors when she chose to eat the fruit from the tree. She wanted what she should not have and was told not to have and didn't think of the consequences that would follow from her choice. She took matters into her own hands and did not consult God.  Let me stop there for a many times have we done that?  How many decisions do we make on a daily basis in our marriage and in our daily life and not ask God first if that is what he wants for us? It took me a long time to realize once I turned things over to him, it would fall into place. Let me put emphasis on the long time part. Especially with my struggle with my weight. It had gotten so bad that I started having health problems. Once I decided to do something about it and gave it over to God, it became easier. I still struggle and fall, but He is there to pick me up. He has given me supportive and encouraging people in my life that I could not have done this without.

Now Adam is not innocent in this choice. In verse 7, it states he was with her. Eve was wrong for involving him in her choice, but he could have said no.  He could have chose not to eat the fruit with her. He did not display what a husband should do and be the "head of the household" and stand his ground. Then he makes a grave mistake when he blames Eve for his mistake and does not admit he sinned. I wouldn't even want to imagine the feeling of disappointment God must have felt in both of them. That is why it is so important to confess our sins to God and ask his forgiveness.

Of course, all sins and bad choices have consequences and like any loving parent, God punished all three starting with the serpent in verse 14. He was to live life crawling on his belly which symbolized humiliation and defeat. Eve (and all women) would experience pain with childbirth, and in the notes in my bible I thought it was interesting that the pain of childbirth is a reminder that Eve gave birth to sin. I had never thought about it that way. In her marriage (and all marriages) women will struggle with wanting control over her husband. (this is where Ephesians 5:22-25 is so important!!) This is why it is so crucial that we need God's help in our marriages.

As for Adam, getting food from earth would require work and not be easy. And all creation will die and they were banned from the Garden of Eden.

There are signs of hope despite their choices. Adam named Eve as a sign of hope (her name means mother to all living things) and was his first decision as a husband and ruler. God also displayed hope and love by making clothes for Adam and Eve out of animal skin (which were the first deaths). In my Bible's notes it stated that God spared Adam and Eve dying right away.

There were so many things I learned from this first couple. I really enjoyed my first study into their relationship and I hope I have helped you also!  Thanks for reading!


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