10 Ways to make him feel special (not just on Valentine's Day)

Love is in the air and Valentine's day is Saturday. Being that this is a marriage blog, I figured I should post something special for Valentine's day. Honestly, I think it's an overrated holiday that is another marketing stunt to get you to buy stuff. We should be showing our special someone love all year, but for the sake of this post, I will look at the holiday in a different light and celebrate our marriages and husbands.

K has always made VDay special for me. This marks our 15th Valentine's day together. The first Valentine's Day he and I sort of celebrated together was in 2000. We had went on our first date two weeks before. I got home from school and on the dining room table was a bouquet of roses from him. He had dropped them off before he went to work. There were 6 red roses and 1 yellow rose. On the card it said, "as the yellow rose stands out, so does every moment I spend with you." That my readers, is how he first stole my heart.

I think there are many ways we can make VDay special and not have to spend a lot of money. Vday also focuses on making the girl in your life special (roses, stuffed animals, chocolate) but wives are left trying to figure out what to do for their men. Well, here are some ideas to make your man feel special (here's a tip: start today. By the time Vday comes around, he will be so ready to celebrate Vday with you!).

1) Flirt with him (send him some suggestive texts)

2) Be affectionate (be generous with your hugs and kisses. K loves when I do this)

3) The next time he's talking, really pay attention to him. Make sure your phone, tablet, etc is away

4) Cook his favorite meal or dessert (or both)

5) When he gets home from work, surprise him in something cute/sexy and take it from there.

6) do you pass each other when you are home...busy with the kids, supper, etc and don't even look at each other sometimes?  Stop what you are doing and touch him. His arm, neck, butt, whatever. Tell him how much he means to you.

7) Make sure he knows how much you appreciate how hard he works

8) Tell him you are proud of him

9) I am going to get a little personal for this one...the number 1 thing he wants is you...give him what he wants...you know what I am talking about ;)

10) Make him smile or laugh

Hope this helps make you and his day special! Enjoy your Valentine's day!!


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