Let's have some fun...

I have a few ideas roaming around in my head right now for some blog topics...but I wanted to take a break from the usual marriage talk and just have some fun and type and talk to my readers.  How are you?  Leave me a comment if you are reading this and tell me where you are from :) Tell me a random fact about yourself...I am from a small town in South Louisiana, about an hour away from New Orleans. And I love tomato sauce, salsa, ketchup, etc...But I hate the taste of raw tomatoes :)

In almost 15 years that K and I have been together, we have had some really funny and fun memories. I am a picture and scrapbookaholic, so I have lots of pictures to look back on.  I am going to post a few and tell you what was going on at the time...I want you to have more insight into this crazy, blessed union that God has brought together.

Taking serious pictures are not in K's vocabulary. He loves to make sure we have goofy pictures on hand. Which describes his personalty...he is a goofball. He loves to have fun and loves to make people laugh, especially me.  He always knows how to make me smile. It's one of the many many things I love about him.

Finally graduating college was such a huge accomplishment for me. I had to sit out for 3 years, got a full time job and when K and I got married he knew I wanted to go back to finish. He made sure I did and I was able to stop working to work hard my final semester and focus completely on school.  My final semester had the best grades I ever made!  I was beyond blessed to have his support and help.  

K and I love to travel and try to take a vacation once a year to somewhere we love. We have been to the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area three times (once for our honeymoon) and in 2010 we were able to make a trip to Disney World.  K and I are big kids...I love everything Disney and being able to go to Disney World together as a couple was amazing!!  We had so much fun and at times it was stressful and busy, but it was so worth it. Having fun as a couple is so very important. It helps relieve stress and strengthens your marriage.  Make sure to laugh together everyday!  Make it a challenge! ...see I can't go one blog without trying to help :)

This picture was actually done on our last vacation to Gatlinburg last Dec. It was so much fun. There was a lot of these little Old Time picture places around, but where we did this one, the guy who took our pictures was really funny and nice and made it so much fun. 

We love to have fun with not only each other, but those around us, especially our nieces and nephews. They definitely keep us smiling and laughing. 

Well, that is a little insight into who we are as a couple. Have a great day!


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