Real love VS Hollywood romance

I love Sheila Wray Gregoire's blog, To Love, Honor, and Vacuum, which is also about marriage. I get lots of great Christian marriage advice and ideas from her. She also has some great books I want to read and isn't afraid to tackle rough topics and some that are considered taboo (sex, porn, etc).
I came across a blog post from her about the 50 most romantic movies from her Facebook readers and it gave me a great idea...I wanted to express my opinion about the difference with Hollywood's depiction of love and what real love should be.

Don't get me wrong...I am a sucker for a good romance. I have read every Nicholas Sparks book and I love a good cheesy romantic chick flick. But...Hollywood has it so wrong. Most of the classic love stories are about a guy and girl who meet and only after first seeing each other...they fall head over heels in love. Then there is a major conflict like a previous love, dark past, bad childhood, parents, that prevents them from being together. Most of the time, the endings are happy. And who doesn't want to sit through the 2 hours heartache and falling in love with these characters and not see them end up together?

The problem with Hollywood's idea of love is that isn't real love. We never see what happens after with the couple. I know most of these romances are supposed to be "feel good" stories, because that's what they do: make us feel good about what we just witnessed. The problem is many people have the idea that is how our relationship is supposed to be, or it gets us wondering "why isn't my husband more like this character? He's so romantic." What we never see is the real love stories. Couples that have stayed together and been married many years and experienced every up and down that life can throw at them. That my real love. And I don't even want to get started on how Hollywood has depicted "making love". Yet...that will be another series for another day...

So...stealing an idea from my sister who has an awesome blog, I will be reviewing romantic movies and books from time to time and how it relates to the real world. Sometimes it will be my favorite book or movie, other times it maybe one I stumble upon.

I will start with my favorite movie and the #1 from Sheila's Facebook fans...

This is such an amazing love story. Like I have said, I have read all of Nicholas Sparks' books and will give them their own reviews. For me, the movie was better than the book. Not often that happens. I feel this story was a little more true to life.

 In the beginning, an older man starts reading to an older woman in what seems to be an assisted living home of sorts and we are taken to a remarkable love story set in the 40s. Noah and Allie fall in love at a young age and are faced with not only the obstacle of class, but Allie's parents. They try to ignore the obstacles, but it ultimately tears them apart and 7 years pass and Allie has moved on and met someone else, but Noah hasn't. The movie cuts from scenes of the older man and woman and back to the story in the notebook, which becomes torture for the viewers as we want to see what happens with Noah and Allie and who she will ultimately choose. 

This is a beautiful love story of not only love that lasts a lifetime, but a love that proves even through a horrible disease, it stands by each other. It also proved that opposites really do attract and you can learn to do fun things together and accept differences. I think Noah is a perfect depiction of a man and is romantic but not overly done. Allie can be overly spoiled, but she's rich and it's a bit expected. Overall, I think this is one of if not the best love story of all times. The ending itself is the best ending ever in both the book and movie and both are different.

My rating system will be 1 to 5 stars 1 being the worst 5 being the best. I would definitely give The Notebook 5 stars. I would watch it with your significant other at least once. I wouldn't recommend watching with children; however, because of some mature themes like sex and very mild violence.


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