Still Experiencing Firsts

Sorry for the momentary absence and I will definitely get back to the money series I was doing, but K and I experienced a first together. In our whole 14 1/2 years together, we have experienced a lot of firsts. I was his first girlfriend, first date, first love, pretty much first everything.

This past week we had our first experience with surgery. K had been battling with problems with his stomach. He spent a few weeks going to different doctors and going through different tests before learning he needed his gall bladder out. The only other surgery he had was knee surgery his senior year in high school and we were only friends at the time. He went ahead scheduled the surgery and scheduled his time off from work.

I wasn't really nervous about the surgery, I knew God would take care of him. The scariest part was when I was taken to the back to see him, he had gotten really weak and pale when they put the I.V. in. I learned something new about him...he does not like needles. Not many people included...but it made him so nervous. The surgery went well and we did have to stay overnight, which was a whole new experience in itself.

One of the biggest things I have learned with this experience is how much we need each other. We take care of each other when we are sick, but this has been different. He can't bend or lift so I have been doing everything. And I am saying that with a smile. It's stressful at times...I have him relying on me plus my job is about to start this week so we had certain preparations to make for it, but he needs me. It's an amazing feeling.

The way I deal with pressure is to make sure to embark in sometime to myself. Even if it's only 15 mins. Those of you with children, I know you experience pressure on a daily basis. You not only have the responsibilities as a wife, but you are also a mother, and when your children are sick you have that added to your load. Remember to take a couple mins to breathe. Right now, K is resting, so I am taking advantage of the time to myself and spent sometime with the Lord and I am posting this blog. A little later, I will go to the gym.

So my advice today is no matter what kind of first you experience's a first. Lean on each other because you need one another. Also...when there is added responsibilities and stress, take a few mins to yourself to breathe. For me it's a hot bath, a quick workout, reading a couple pages of a good book. Take advantage of given moments. Until next time...


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