The little things really do count...

Every day life can become so...ordinary and routine.  We get caught in our hustle and bustle of work life, laundry, bills, kids, responsibilities that I seem to lose myself in it.  While I am on break from the school right now, I have fallen into wife duties.  I have taken over making sure the house is clean, laundry is done, supper is cooked, and groceries are in the pantry.  I have hobbies that keep me busy when I am not doing that (I plan to get lost in a book very shortly) as well as nephews and family who I love to spend time with...K and I have also fallen into routine and ordinary as of late. This morning I came across a pin on Pinterest that said 52 Text Message Bombs to send him...  of course God knew just what I needed to see and I thought...when was the last time I did something unexpected for K?  Something that wasn't normal and also showed that I loved him? I do my "wife duties" (as I lovingly refer to them) not because he expects me to do them...but because I appreciate what he does for me by working hard and providing a life for us.  But, when we are caught in the everyday swing of life, I forget to tell him how much I appreciate him. Sometimes I forget to show him.

So I am challenging myself to do a little something every day to remind him that I love him and appreciate what he does.  When K left in May for two weeks for a banking school, he left me little notes in hidden places to remind me that he loves me. I still have a few of them out today.  That meant more to me than he knows!  After reading the pin about the texts, I sent K a text message just to let him know I was thinking about him and that I loved him. Sometimes it's the little things and things out of the ordinary that mean the most to us.  I challenge you to do this with me for our are some ideas:

1) Send your spouse a loving text...whether it is just to say hi, you are thinking about them or make it a sexy one (K's phone is tied to unfortunately...I can't do this one ;) )

2) Cook their favorite dinner or dessert for them unexpectedly when they come home from work

3) If there is something they always do chore wise, do it for them without saying anything. (like taking out the garbage.  I expect K to do this, but I know this one would be a good one to practice)

4) If they are readers...insert a little note into the book they are reading to make them smile (or IPad, Kindle etc)

5) Do you pack their lunch for work?  Put a little note in their lunch kit. Bring a smile to their face while they are working

6) If you know there is something they have been wanting and have been putting off buying it, buy it for them and don't tell them

7) The next time you go to a movie together, let the other one pick what they have been wanting to see or a restaurant they have been wanting to eat at

8) Wear an outfit you know they love

9) Think of things that you are so thankful for that they do.  Make sure to tell them

10) Let them pick a t.v. show to watch the next time you watch t.v. together (even if you don't really want to see it)

11) Give them some type of affection (never underestimate the power of a hug) that lasts longer than a couple seconds

12) This is kind of cheesy but cute...pick up a bag of lifesavers for them to take to work and put a note that says "You are my lifesaver" (cute, right?)

13) Surprise them with lunch one day or an invite for a impromptu lunch

14) If your spouse cooks dinner, clean the kitchen for them (there is really nothing sexier than my husband cleaning the kitchen after I have cooked dinner. That to me is heaven!)

15) Compliments!! If you like something they are wearing, make sure to tell them

16) Ask them if there is anything that you can do for them to take some stress away (pay a bill that is out of the way, make a phone call they have been needing to make, a massage, etc)

Now of course I have a kicker to this challenge.  I want us to do this for the next month.  The whole month of August.  I am hoping it becomes natural to us and it won't be a challenge anymore. It's always a good idea to do something out of the ordinary, especially in our marriages!  But the kicker will be...even if you aren't happy with your spouse and you don't think they deserve something nice or unexpected...that is when they will need it the most.  So I encourage and urge you to still go about the challenge in the midst of a fight. I plan to follow this kicker myself ;)  And feel free to think of your own ideas to show your love and appreciation and if you have one I didn't post, feel free to comment!


  1. This is so sweet! You're absolutely right!


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